If you can read this, you might want to skip straight to the content. Also, kindly take a moment to read my rant about Web design—especially if you’re wondering why this site looks a bit…dull.


by Ben Goren

While I certainly wouldn’t call myself a programmer, I have written a few lines here and there. Most of the serious stuff has been the back-end to Web sites like the Profiles of Arts Education in Arizona…and, to be perfectly honest, since that forms a not-insignificant part of my income, it’s not the kind of code I’m prepared to give away for free.

Just because I’m not giving that kind of code away doesn’t mean you can’t have a peek and play around a bit, though. Have a look at TrumpetSite! for information about the software that runs the site you’re now reading. Included is information on how you can, yourself, edit a sample site.

For some time now, I’ve been using a mail filter cum spam catcher I wrote using Mail::Audit. I’ve gotten some requests for information about it; sometime by the end of March, I hope to have it all nicely packaged up and ready for distribution. When it’s ready, I’ll put it on this site and release it under the BSD license.

As part of teaching of CIS133DA for Mesa Community College, I created a handful of example HTML files for student reference. I understand some of my past students still find them useful as templates and the like; feel free to use them in whatever manner you see fit.